Bill Cree

As a REALTOR, I serve the entire County of Santa Cruz, focus on the San Lorenzo Valley and specialize in the Felton & Mount Hermon areas. I have lived and been a homeowner in the San Lorenzo Valley of Santa Cruz County, CA since early 1975. During this time, I was a Business Manager for 16 years with the Mount Hermon Association, an Inter-denominational Christian Conference Center, a Financial Consultant for 15 years and a Real Estate Agent since 1981. Prior to moving to the Santa Cruz Area, I served as a Data Processing Technician in the US Navy.

I was high-tech then; I'm low-tech now. Today, I am married with three grown children, five grandchildren and continue to love my Real Estate career. Helping others find a home that fulfills their needs at a price that they can afford, although sometimes a challenge, is always rewarding.